History of Terpenes

With the large amount of terpenes for sale online in recent years you may be wondering the history of terpenes on how they were discovered and the history of them throughout different civilizations.

Terpenes refer to a class of natural products that comprises more than 30,000 compounds. They are known as aromatic compounds that are found in different types of plants but are most often associated with cannabis. The reason why they are associated with cannabis is that the cannabis plant includes the highest amount of terpenes. 

Where are terpenes derived from?

Where are Terpenes derived from?

Terpenes are mostly found in plants, but there have also been some cases where terpenes such as sterols and squalene were found in animals. Terpenes are phytochemical compounds that are found within the essential oils of cannabis and several other plants. Examples of such plants include tea, thyme, sage, rosemary, mint, citrus fruits, and even carrots.

How are Terpenes formed?

Terpenes are formed by the active organic compounds that are found inside different plants. The biological formation of Terpenes includes combining two different molecules from acetic acid and mevalonic acid. Because they are known as active organic compounds, Terpenes are formed through the fusion of hydrocarbon and five carbon atoms, known as isoprene.

how are terpenes formed

What is the purpose of Terpenes?

As compounds, Terpenes are largely responsible for the fragrance, taste, and smell of plants. They are highly aromatic and help determine the smell of various plants and herbs such as rosemary, lavender, and some animals too. They are commonly used by manufacturers to create scents and flavors for products of everyday use. It includes products such as perfumes, lotions or creams for the body, and food. Different foods that are high in terpene are cinnamon, lavender, rosewood, basil, and thyme. This also includes mango, which is a popular seasonal favorite among many people, it also contains myrcene terpene for a strong scent.

Who discovered Terpenes?

According to a claim, one of the earliest and most successful discoveries on Terpenes was conducted by J.J Houton de la Billardiere. In 1818, he analyzed Terpene as one of the oldest essential oils and also established a ratio for it. The ratio of carbon to hydrogen was established as 5 to 8 and was carried on in later research as well.

The history of Terpenes spans many civilizations, but they were largely a part of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization for the making of scents and essential oils. It was also used by the people of that time for multiple religious purposes.

In the Middle Ages, an extraction of essentials oil from plants was well known, and distillations of oil from rosemary and sage were made. A person who went by the name Dumas proposed the name Terpenes in 1866, which was derived from Turpentine.

Use of Terpenes in different civilizations

Terpenes can also be traced back to the time of multiple civilizations such as Babylonians, Hebrews, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and the Chinese.

It was very popular as an essentials oil back in the day and was used as a medicine for healing purposes, a fragrance, and also a part of religious ceremonies.

It was also popular among females of that time as a fragrance and female hygiene. The chemists of that time would mix the scents, especially for the females.

Not only limited to these civilizations, but Terpenes was also famous among Arabs living in Europe who would mix it will rose water and sprinkle it on the dead during a funeral. It also worked its magic as a treatment against illness and pain and was surprisingly also used by people as a fumigant during the Black Death times.

In Ancient India, people used roots to smoke along with some extraction from the cannabis plant as it had calming and peaceful effects. It also provided them with emotional support, helped clear up the brain, and led to clearer thinking and improved memory.

What are the benefits of Terpenes?

Terpenes protect many living organisms like microorganisms, animals, plants from biotic stresses. They also help get rid of any pathogen, predators, and competitors. Not only that, but Terpenes are a common source for medicinal uses and are believed to have different properties such as anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic.

It is known as the best pain reliever, and different Terpenes such as linalool, pinene, limonene, and myrcene can be used for the enhancement of skin and effective pain treatment. 

what are the benefits of terpenes?

Why do Terpenes matter?

The aromas that are derived from Terpenes help you out with physical stressors such as discomfort, inflammation, body ache, and pains. They are known for improving neuropathic pain and have strong effects against inflammation. They have antiseptic properties that help balance and enhance the mood of a person and create a calming and relaxing effect in mind.

They are known to be great for your digestive system, produce a soothing effect, and help out with any gastrointestinal-related problems that one may have.

Do Terpenes get you high?

While this might be a common misconception, you will be glad to know that terpenes do not get you high. They work together with other compounds to create a feeling of peace and relaxation but do not intoxicate you in any way. Think of how essential oils work. They don’t make you high, right? That’s what Terpenes are, then!

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